Port Of Sale Heritage Cruises


Here are the answers to frequently asked questions. Touch your mouse pointer to any question, or tap the question on a touchcreen, to see the answer.

Q. Are Food and Drinks included?

A.Non-alcoholic beverages and light refreshments are included in the price of the tour aboard the Rubeena.

Q. Is there a toilet on board?

A. No, there isn't a toilet on The Rubeena but there is one at the boarding point at the Port of Sale.

Q. How long does the tour last?

A. The duration of a normal tour is an hour and a half.

Q. Is the tour suitable for families?

A. Most definitely. Younger children will enjoy the boat, scenery and wildlife and older children will receive a perspective on Australian history that is not offered by a school curriculum.

Q. Is there disabled access?

A. Disabled access is limited. Please contact Rachel at Port of Sale Heritage Cruises.